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"O" no, here HE comes again

An amazing band from the UK has a new album you have to hear.

The Band: Elias T. Hoth

The Album: O Rhesus Negative

My album review:

Elias T. Hoth--O Rhesus Negative

If you are an Elias T. Hoth fan, this album will shock you; but only in a good way.

Never before has the band displayed this kind of versatility, creativeness, and dare I say sensitivity. This is a vintage “don’t judge a book by it’s cover effort by these UK ass-kickers.

The songs are lyrically strong, allowing the listener to be overcome by memories from the past.

But wait a minute; don’t dare think for a second the low down dirty vocals and guitar work you’ve known to love is gone. Oh no, it’s alive and well. Whether you are a long time Hoth addict or newbie, get ready for possibly the best ETH so far.

A personal favorite, Catfish Blues, is a zippy tune that encompasses all that makes ETH an amazing band.

But it’s Echoes 2017 that grabs your attention with it’s slow piano sound combined with honest and emotionally charged lyrics. A song that makes you consider those you’ve lost and things unsaid. The catchy What Can’t Speak Can’t Lie raises the roof with electric female back-up vocals reminiscent of Skynyrd’s

Honkettes. Worth the price of admission, vocals make a good song better. The melodic Looking Back is a free-flowing, joyful song supported by sharp vocals, making memories real with a smile on your face.

To achieve a balance, For Whom the Bell Tolls drives a chill down your spine with its ominous bell. If you’re looking for a rocker, Long Live Rock n Roll is the one. Reminiscent of the classic ETH sound, this one will stay on your mind for days.

Roll On Now makes you want to get in your car and take a long ride down the highway with the tunes blaring. Tricky, addictive licks highlight this song.

At this point I’m not sure which one is more shocking; the fact that ETH continues to creative gripping rock n roll that stretches their creative boundaries with every album produced or that this band isn’t a household world in the USA. It’s just a matter of time………..

Randy Brown